About Getsuda Yuki

Getsuda Yuki is the artistic identity of YokeMun Lim, a Kyoto-based photographer, illustrator and creator from Malaysia. Ever since she was a child, YokeMun has always had a keen interest in creating. She started doodling comics and painting for her family and friends when she was in elementary school, which eventually led to her love for story-telling and the visual arts. Inspired by Japanese animation masters such as Hayao Miyazaki and Satoshi Kon, she packed her bags and moved to Japan to pursue animation at Kyoto Seika University.

Despite her earlier inclination towards traditional painting and illustration, her experiences and encounters in Japan motivated her to pick up photography and cinematography. Passionate about sharing her vision with the world and capturing the fleeting, precious moments in life, she strives to convey a sense of realism, emotional connection, hope, vulnerability, beauty, innocence, strength and nostalgia in her art. Her work often explores themes like dreams, the cyclic nature of self-discovery, duality, the loss of innocence and the intrinsic desires of finding beauty and purpose in life. 

YokeMun is available for photography and cinematography work within Japan for a negotiable fee. Feel free to contact her here or through any of her social media pages.