Our protagonist is an artist who has lost her ability to create meaningful art. Frustrated and confused, she sees her younger self and their toy companion in the mirror.Her younger self invites the protagonist to a surreal universe beyond the mirror, where they encounter strange yet somewhat familiar individuals: a boy who creates planets out of thin air, an orca mermaid who waits eternally for her lover from the sky who is never coming back to her, and a mysterious king from the depths of the forest.

Unbeknownst to the protagonist, she is about to embark on an incredible journey of reclaiming her true self.

Director, Art Director: YokeMun Lim

Producer, Assistant Director: Miharu Asada

Key Animator, Character Designer: Sakura Hayashi

Key Animator, Cinematographer: Nono Fujiwara

Sound Director, Animator: Sae Yukawa

Editor, Animator: Yui Asaba

Music Composer: Endurance (Joshua Stefane Wittig)

Kyoto Seika University Animation Department Graduation Work 2017


Thunderdrone Live at Yokai Soho

Part of my cinematography work I did for Yokai Soho's event Experiments in Art and Technology VI: The Return of Thunderdrone on July 5 2017. Thunderdrone is the project of Manu Retamero and Diego de Leon from Barcelona. They are also professional modular synthesizer producers at Befaco. Shot with a Lumix GH4 and Canon Eos 600D.


Presentation by Befaco at Yokai Soho

Part of my cinematography work for underground art venue Yokai Soho's event Experiments in Art and Technology VI: The Return of Thunderdrone. Presentation by Manu Ginester and Diego de Leon of Befaco, developers of professional DIY modular synthesizers.

Alexa Dexa Live in Pika Space
Video compilation of New York-based solo toychestral artist Alexa Dexa's amazing set at Pika Space Imagination (Osaka) for Mike Foster's monthly music event, Night of 1000 Eyes Vol 7. Alexa's Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/alexadexamusic



Video of Canadian ambient and noise artist Endurance collaborating with light painter Sonsengochabacco in a haunting performance at Yuion-Chaho for the ambient event「soundscape - 音風景」#2. Recorded on 14th May 2017. 

Cranky Bhard live in Pika Space

New duo Cranky Bhard featuring Osaka underground legends Jerry Gordon on Tenor Sax and Brian Dubin (Deep Green) on the electric guitar. Recorded at their live performance in Pika Space Imagination, Osaka for Night of 1000 Eyes Volume 7.


Dave Moss + Kaori Yoshikawa live in UrBANGUILD Kyoto

Electric and double bassist Dave Moss collaborates with multidisciplinary Japanese poet Kaori Yoshikawa in an unforgettable performance at UrBANGUILD Kyoto, 27 April 2017.


心の木 The Tree of Our Hearts
A group project for the Kyoto Seika University's stop motion class which was also submitted to AC Japan's commercial message contest. Worked as character designer, storyboard artist, set designer and animator. ストップモーション授業のグループワーク課題です。キャラクターデザイナー、絵コンテ、アニメーション、美術設定を担当した。


The Making of Shugoshin
Cinematography for the behind-the-scenes of a school production.